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The Music Room is a next-generation venue that will showcase the greatest live VIP musical experiences of both national and international acts alike, unmasking the most talented emerging artists on the rise and in the most intimate of settings.  This, along with a full bar offering exotic craft cocktails, craft beers, wines and an ultra-exclusive dining experience.


Attending a huge stadium or arena tour can be magical.  Elaborate lights and stage design in a 20,000-seat arena elevate a good show into a theatrical, once-in-a-lifetime event.  However, as amazing as giant stadium shows are, they can also be a big headache – and in this new Covid-world, very likely obsolete for the foreseeable future.  Paying $200 for a nosebleed seat and spending hours trying to get out of the parking lot, you might question the time, money, energy and commitment of seeing your favorite artists in that setting.


Thankfully, you don’t have to go to a stadium or arena to see world-class music.  Some of the nation’s most notable music venues only have room for a hundred, a few hundred (or merely dozens of) attendees.  In fact, many of the most iconic figures in music history began their careers at smaller, legendary clubs such as The Troubadour, The Iridium, and The Casbah and the 90-seat Blue Bird Café in Nashville where both Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift got their launch.


For musicians, these smaller venues offer an opportunity to get up-close and personal with their most ardent fans.  And for the fans, it is an opportunity to do the same.




For the past 15 months, and under a relative veil of secrecy to the public, we have been hard at work building the most diverse live venue which will include almost every musical genre from blues to rock, country, folk and bluegrass to rock & roll, jazz and gospel, pop, alternativereggae, trending and so much more.  Live music for all ages.


Keeping a project of this scope under the radar was almost as challenging as navigating the buildout during a Global Pandemic. However, it is the collective vision of The Music Room by its owners – principal, Brian Serpone and partners Scott Cornella and Grammy-winning producer Paul Nelson that makes this so special.  All, with the help of so many others including live sound engineer, Loren Press, a thirty-year veteran of NBC studios who has crafted one of the best live sound systems in a venue throughout the New England area.




Authenticity is paramount to the owners of The Music Room, not just for live music or recording, but to represent the vibe of the venue.  Almost every element of this project – short of the obvious – was built, not bought.  Keeping to a mostly industrial feel throughout, we actually created a new hybrid of this style which we've named Kandarian.  Table bases used in a local Cape tavern in the 1970’s were pulled from an old barn and attached to custom-built tabletops fashioned with unique epoxy/resin finishes. Moreover, the White Room with black curtains feature century-old doors accenting our decorative-heavy industrial fixtures throughout the entire venue.  Not least of all, the final touch keeping The Music Room unparalleled in its distinct design is the use of rare reclaimed, wide-yellow pine dating back to 1709 taken from what used to be a general store owned by the Baker family in the town Dennis sometime during the 1800’s.  This wood originates from the era of King George I and has been deemed so by the Historical Commission here on Cape Cod.  The entire recording studio (Studio A) was constructed using these planks and much of the entire space as well.  Interestingly enough, and as it would be, Cristofori invented and built the first-ever piano in that same year and had the first four pianos ever constructed for sale by 1711.  What are the odds of that?




Enough of the past, it's time to look to the future!  We are currently booking for summer 2021 and are coordinating dates for such artists as G-Love, Larkin Poe, Keb Mo, Samantha Fish, Cheap Trick and many more as well as to-be-superstars coming off The Voice, American Idol and America’s Got Talent to satisfy younger audiences.  We will be announcing our full 2021 lineup soon.


The Music Room is a place like no other and will be operating year-round.  Starting with the incredible, custom designed sound system around a 20' x 12' stage, both patrons and artists will have an ear-gasmic auditory epiphany. Designed to deliver maximum impact to your sonic senses, you'll hear the highs, chew on the mids, and experience the bass where you can really feel it.


The venue offers an in-house recording studio which is tied to the live room, an independent label (Sun House Music) which includes artist representation and a rock & roll art gallery housing some of the greatest photos and paintings by nationally renowned artists such as Ioannis, Michael Friedman, Rowland Scherman, Michael Weintrob, Trygve Amundsen, Monte Moore and many more to come. You will find rare artifacts from a by-gone rock & roll era that must be seen.  Signed memorabilia from Chuck Berry, Johnny Winter, Buddy Guy, Vanilla Fudge, Aerosmith, Boston … it is all here!  One of a kind, never-before seen photos and paintings drape our walls throughout, giving patrons a visual landscape to soak in for hours.


Speaking of soaking, the Kandar-industrialized bar features the Cape’s best craft cocktail menu, world-class craft beers, spirits from the top shelf, and impeccable service.  Combined with a heavy tapas-style menu, guests will be immersed in an artistic experience that continues all the way to the taste buds!


The Music Room will ultimately evolve into a musical landmark and our hope is that it becomes known as the destination for intimately experiencing some of the most talented artists in the entire world.

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