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Combining a wild passion for music of all genres and world class libations The Music Room is bringing a synchronized artistic vision to Cape Cod.  A consumer can expect to experience an invigorating amalgamation of the early delta blues and country to the birth of rock and roll and beyond from both national and international acts alike with live entertainment all year long.  Soak in fine art, fine wines and rare craft beers with an infusion of the creative magic that lives only within live performances.

This inviting and enchanting venue built specifically for intimate live musical performances, offers a unique atmosphere that allows for its patrons to get up close and personal with nationally recognized performers.

In this digital age of downloads and streaming services, music has become background noise.  The Music Room aims to pull our clientele back into the experience of being part of something unique and sonically moving.  Real musicians are inspired by the energy only a group of fans can provide, and the participation of the listener becomes germane to the concept of The Music Room.  Step inside and take a ride to a time and place where greatness never ends.

This 4,500+ square-foot retro-space, inspired by an era now lost in time and draped in rare black and white photography, autographed memorabilia of the pioneers of music that changed our culture, with exotic art both local and global will prepare you for an adventure like no other taking you on an experiential journey to a much simpler time in history.

With a renovated lounge-style design merging chic, industrial and rustic elements, The Music Room strives to represent wines with a distinct point of view to educate as you sip while creating a mood with a true sense of joy.  For the oenophile minded as well as the laymen our wine lists will include a dozen poured labels along with twenty to thirty different bottles from around the globe, guaranteeing eloquence and an incomparable experience defined by an incredible glass of wine.

As for craft beers, expect a rotating cast of consummate treasures.  The tap list is heavy on one-and-done offerings with enough rarities to keep even the cleverest beer Cicerone intrigued.  While the bottle list offers up everything from seasonal one-offs to Belgian farmhouses and Italian goses to exotic and exceptional American IPAs, whichever you choose, it will no doubt taste considerably better while surrounded and bound by the diverse and avant-garde music and art.  With the barkeeps exuding just the right mix of attitude and charm that coincide with a rock and roll-themed substructure, The Music Room is impossibly welcoming, devoid of pretension, and the type of place where you can feel like you've been a lifelong regular in just one evening.

Adding to this bijou edifice is Studio A (named for its parent company Alpha Entertainment Group), a World-class recording studio in the rear of the venue.  We’ll be providing some of the most notable engineers, mixers and mastering while recording the best regional talent as well as national maestros of all genres, offering videography and editing, film, and almost every tool necessary to serve all artists in their domain.

Located directly across from the Cape Cod Family Resort and Waterpark in the buzzing center of West Yarmouth amongst the bustle and excitement of the many restaurants and shops along the Route 28 strip, the World-famous beaches along Nantucket Sound and with close proximity to Main Street, Hyannis and Hyannis Marina, the location of The Music Room is ultra-convenient for both seasonal and year round residents alike.

The Music Room is poised to open its doors to the public in Spring 2021 as the hottest live music venue on Cape Cod, bringing legendary artists old and new back to Cape Cod and offering local and emerging talent a place to shine.

The Music Room will be the first of its kind on Cape Cod going “way outside the box” in almost every area of the creative process.  The venue will be entirely music driven to enhance the arts and culture scene that currently exists on this magnificent island.

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