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Chickering pianos may not be a household name these days but rest assured that back in the 1800’s they had no competitors until Steinway showed up on the scene in 1853.  Even then, the legend of the Chickering piano was formidable.  Founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1823, Chickering pianos were overbuilt and extremely robust, which endeared them to such famous pianists such as Liszt, Gottschalk, and Hans von Bulow.  But who would have thought that an iconic rock and roll Boston legend would own an incredibly famous Chickering piano, and someday that exact piano would return to its home in Massachusetts?

BRAD DELP, the original front man for the 1970’s rock band BOSTON had a magnificent and majestic gift.  Much like the Chickering piano, Delp may not be a household name these days to younger generations, but a true LEGEND he is, and will always be.

The band BOSTON’s self-titled record was one of the most revolutionary albums in the history of popular music and went on to become the 2nd greatest selling debut album of all time following its release by Epic Records on August 25, 1976.  The record was certified Gold within thirty days and went Platinum by November of that same year.

Ask any fan to name the top five greatest rock and roll singers of all time, and Brad is always in the mix.  Within the world of musicians, he usually makes the top three, ranked up there with Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury.  Vocal range, quality, color and nuance can often seem to come down to opinion, but there will always be a universal love and respect for Delp’s voice.  He was well known for his seemingly effortless singing, extraordinarily wide vocal range and with a purity in his voice unlike no other; with flawless intonation his voice resonated with a distinct velvety sound.  His was the perfect sonic formula.  The kind of range he had was impressive enough on its own, but Brad knew how to use it and could move around within that giant range unchallenged and with implausible ease.  Not only could he pen great songs, but he also had an uncanny ability to double his voice as well as harmonize with himself to produce all vocal melodies on a record.  Every word sung by Delp was carefully placed and emphasized to augment the poignant lyrics, but the more interesting attribute was that it all happened naturally – an amazing gift.  His vocal tracks are constantly attempted by contestants on American Idol and The Voice only to reveal just how special a singer he truly was and that his vocals can never be replicated.

The Music Room’s spacious gallery houses rare rock and roll artifacts as well as fine art pieces by some of the most revered music artists.  There are original album covers, band autographed prints, originals and instruments, unique and timeless photos by some of the world’s most recognized photographers, and we are humbled, honored, proud and thankful to Micki Delp and the Delp family to have Brad’s personal 1873 Chickering concert grand piano on display.

Micki Delp, “She has finally found a place where she can shine in all of her glory… and she can be seen by anyone and everyone.  She is back to Massachusetts… and to her new home… in the spotlight where she has always belonged… she can carry on for Brad’s love of his music…”

Fans of Brad Delp and BOSTON will soon be able to gather around this priceless piece of musical history and soak in the significant energy that emanates from the instrument.  Looking at the piano and knowing that Brad spent hours playing, singing, and writing on this fine instrument is sure to inspire fans of art and music for years to come.  Considering that the piano was made just 75 miles away from the gallery, it is remarkable that this 147-year-old instrument has traveled the country and has found its way back to Massachusetts.

Made by Boston legend Chickering, owned by Boston legend Brad Delp, and displayed by The Music Room, we are celebrating one of the finest pieces of musical history Massachusetts has ever produced.

Brad was known as a kind and generous person with a gentle soul and a God-given talent that only comes every once in a lifetime.


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