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To test how well a wine pairing works, do what the pros do: Take a sip of the wine and think about how it tastes, then take a bite of the food and think about how it tastes after the wine, then take a final sip of the wine. All the flavors will linger and meld beautifully (or not!).

Like the perfect pairing of a Les Paul and a Marshall amp, or the jangle twang of a Tele and the AC 30, the right wine at the right time is a classic and timeless combination. Pairing a great wine with the right food has always been the goal of connoisseurs of dining. The owners of The Music Room realize that this highly sought-after coupling can only be achieved through hard work and intense research. But paramount to this achievement is understanding that wine itself is an ART. If the perfect pairing is the result, then the art of making and aging wine is the beginning.

With this vision in mind, The Music Room has painstakingly researched and accumulated the following wines. These “art in a bottle” offerings will vary from some familiar names to some you may not know. Some will be limited bottlings, and some will be seasonal, but rest assured that no matter your selection, you can expect an incredibly delectable pour to accompany your evening.

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