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There is always a starting point.  There is always that one true beginning.  There is always a truth at the birthplace of an idea where innovation meets transformation.  This Rock-n-Roll tree of life is a good starting place to understand the impact of a few pivotal musicians and their far-reaching influence over the decades.  There have been many musicians that have come before, but with Rock-n-Roll specifically, this is one of the best representations you will see.


Located on the trunk of the tree you will notice the great Les Paul.  Although he was a fine guitar player, his invention of the modernized electric guitar coupled with manufacturing techniques pushed the industry forward as the guitar became widely available.  With the subsequent invention of the business side of Rock-n-Roll, the explosion of domestic and international acts is evident in the width of the tree.

From there the tree grows, as artists from both the U.S.A. and England dominate the Rock-n-Roll landscape and will continue to do so into the modern era.  There is a lot of information to absorb from this tree, so take your time, climb slowly and enjoy the process of looking at all the names and where they fit into the timeline of Rock-n-Roll history.

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