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We will rock you with top tier performances, world class libations, impeccable service and atmosphere.
Every opportunity The Music Room can foster the spirit of live musical performance will be entertained.


Always supportive of the arts…Art is essential to a life of enlightenment, excitement, and wonder.
Remembering the essential roots of Rock and Roll, where it all began is vastly important to musical heritage.
Equality amongst the artists.

The staff at The Music Room will endeavor to make your experience the best it can be.
Honesty on the stage.  The Music Room books artists that play instruments and sing in real time.
Excellence in live sound and acoustics is always a goal at The Music Room.


Charity! Commitment to local charities and charitable events will be pursued annually by The Music Room.
Honoring and respecting the artist’s dedication to their craft and willingness to perform live.
Accessibility to talent great and small, from international acts to locally emerging superstars.
Music!  Amazing live music, exposing fans to incredible shows in an intimate setting.
Passionate about all art, The Music Room will venture outside "the box" whenever possible to book unusual and surprising acts.
Inspiration is needed for live music to live on.  One great show can truly change the world so get involved!
Only the best will do when it comes to our incredible wine list and rare, fresh craft beers with full liquor.
Never tiring in our vision to make your experience at The Music Room the absolute best it can be.
Sincerity in every THANK YOU to our patrons.  The Music Room will always value every one of you.


"We Are the Champions was meant to be 'we', as in 'all of us', collectively, not as individuals.  There may be a bit of arrogance in the subconscious, that's a human thing.  Still, it's a shame that some people understandably had the wrong take on this at the time.  'No time for losers' may not be the kindest line in a song (he laughs), but it’s really more of a 'we, all of us'.  It's a celebration. Together, we are the champions."

~Roger Taylor

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