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Alpha Entertainment Group, Model, Tayla Kellett

Photo by Robert Hare Photography

Art.  Why does it matter?  Why is it important?  Who is to say what it really is?  


Well — it surrounds each one of us in many visible and audible ways, yet much of it is unseen and unheard.  It can speak without words and heal without touch.  It can inspire us to greater heights and at the same time can soothe the soul.

The owners of The Music Room are acutely aware of the inherent power of art.  Since its inception, The Music Room has been designed to promote a reverence for art of all types.  Having the understanding that art is ubiquitous and impossible to ignore, we’ll challenge each guest to soak in the atmosphere and always be in touch with the energy within the room.

Live music is surely an art-form, but there is much to observe and absorb at The Music Room.  From rare artifacts of musical history and lore, to framed prints and pictures.  The art presented at The Music Room will hopefully inspire and ignite the artistic element within each person.


Everyone sees the world differently and while some may admire the moments caught in time through a lens, others may see the craftsmanship in a finely made instrument, or the listen to a perfectly calibrated sound system.  All these things speak to us as individuals and it's up to us as humans to interpret what these experiences mean, and how we will share them to further inspire our fellow men and women.

A world without art is devoid of the most basic human emotion — and that is depth of feeling.  The right note at the right time, the right photo, the right sunset, the right breeze or rain, all of this is art, natural or man-made.  Respect the art and the artists, and you’ll have enlightenment in your life.  You will accept the great and the small and share in a community of appreciation.  Attending an event at The Music Room will make you part of the art at that precise moment in time, perhaps captured by a lens or story that will live on permanently.

Art also gives our eyes and mind a chance to rest, to muse, to think.  Looking at art, we reconnect with our inner spirit, a spirit that is rich in thoughts, feelings, and dreams, a spirit that can't be bankrupted, no matter what is happening in the world.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events!

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