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Mick Jagger

Madison Square Garden

November 27, 1969


By Michael Friedman

Friedman tells us, "This is the only one of my photographs that was published at the time.  I sent a copy of it to Jann Wenner, the editor of Rolling Stone magazine, as a Christmas gift in 1969.  Jann knew of a book that David Dalton was doing on the Stones and sent it to him.  In 1972 when  'Rolling Stones; An unauthorized biography in words, photographs, and music' came out, I saw the picture and called Jann.  I knew he was the only one who had a copy of it and asked if he had sent it to Dalton.  He said he thought I wouldn’t mind, 'and besides, Mick told me it was the best picture in the book.'"

338 Mick Jagger, Madison Square Garden

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