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Kris Kristofferson & 

Rita Coolidge

Dressing Room, 

The Dean Martin Show

November 24, 1973


By Michael Friedman


When Friedman read the script before the show, it had Kris holding up a little person and making a joke.  Kris and Friedman decided it was in bad taste and told the producer, Greg Garrison, that Kris wouldn’t do it.  He responded: “So that’s what you and Kris decided, eh?  Well in that case you’re off the show."  Friedman returned to the dressing room and Kris asked how it went.  “Great”, he said, “I just got us kicked off the show”.  Without missing a beat, Kris replied, “Well I’m hungry, let’s go get some hot dogs at Pinks”.  Minutes later Dean Martin showed up with a bottle of whiskey. He and Kris became instant pals, got drunk, and the show went off without a hitch. 

225 Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge, Backstage - Dean Martin Show, 1973

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