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Janis Joplin
San Rafael, California



By Michael Friedman


Friedman says he can not be sure, but he think this was taken at the infamous Hells Angels party at the Bermuda Palms Motel in San Rafael. Friedman stated, "I refer to it as the craziest night of my life.  It was to showcase Janis’ new and final group, Full Tilt Boogie Band.  


Janis played for free and only members of the Hells Angels were allowed in.  Her old band Big Brother and the Holding Company was the opening act with Nick Gravenites singing lead and Sam Andrew playing guitar with a broken arm. Janis got into a fistfight with another girl and a Hells Angels couple had sex on the stage during a Big Brother song. A night to remember. "

115 Janis Joplin

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