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When do the performances begin each night?


Where can I buy tickets to attend the show? 

Can I still pay the cover charge at the door if I don’t want to buy tickets online?


How much is the cover charge?


Can I take pictures or use a video camera during performances?


I am under 21. Can I come to The Music Room for the main show?


Can my son/daughter accompany me to The Music Room for performances if they are not 21? 


Does The Music Room offer food? 


Do you have live music in the afternoon as well as in the evening?


Does The Music Room have a coat check? 


Does The Music Room have Valet Parking?


Is there merchandise for sale at a show?


I have a band and we are interested in playing at The Music Room. Who do I contact?


Is there an open mic night at The Music Room?


How do I book The Music Room for my event?


Are there any hotels close to The Music Room?


Is The Music Room handicap-accessible?

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