Live National and International performers, year round.  A celebration of art.  A celebration of music and its roots.  A venue created by musicians for musicians and fans alike.  A celebration of the creative process.

We are looking for highly motivated, ambitious, passionate and fun people who love music — and will provide an exceptional service to our customers.  Working at a music venue is a way to work where you're surrounded by the music and artists that you love without having to play the music yourself or join a musician's road crew.  ​At The Music Room, we believe in seizing opportunities and making your own adventure.  A world of opportunity pulls up to your bar with every guest you meet – and you never know who might show up next.  That big world also extends to our global, diverse family of associates and musicians.  Like most families, we’re a group of unique individuals who bring different strengths, styles, personalities and interests to the table.  And this makes every single day a new discovery.  So, we ask, where will your journey take you?

This is a new venue and a new adventure.  If you think you qualify for any of the positions below, we are now hiring — please send your resume and any additional information to or call us at 508.694.6125.

We will be open year round and are now hiring for the following positions:


You are a bright, experienced and clever mixologist who is always on the lookout for new beverage trends at The Music Room.  You are a loyal person with a wealth of knowledge of wines and/or craft beer.  You enjoy live music.  When you are behind the bar, you create an energy that is both welcoming and exciting.  You take pride in offering our guests a diverse and seasonally-inspired beverage menu, a warm conversation, and helpful suggestions.  When you shine, our guests will look forward to relaxing with you after a long day.



Having an efficient, happy service staff with experience helps to ensure that our guests at The Music Room enjoy their unique experience.  You are ambitious and want to grow as a person.  Your a music-lover.  During busy events you (as a member of the service staff) always bring your lively and fun-loving personality and stay on task while working as efficiently as possible; you are a loyal and extremely comfortable working in a fast-paced, high-energy environment.



You're personality is highly contagious and you represent a positive first impression of our establishment's friendliness, excellent service and high standards.  You'll also greet guests of The Music Room upon arrival, inform guests of upcoming shows, their wait time, monitor waiting lists, enter guest names into the system, show guests to their table and bid guests farewell as they leave.  You are a natural at carrying on conversations with guests without sounding scripted or intrusive.  Additionally, you may care for our patrons by refilling beverages and performs light housekeeping duties such as cleaning glasses and menus and ensures restrooms are clean, stocked and orderly.  As a member of an energetic team, you may also need to answer the phones when necessary.  Availability must include nights and weekends.


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